Panacea of Science Education Research

Panacea of Science Education Research
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Panacea of Science Education Research

By S.S. Obeka, Phd

The book is a compilation of the author's post graduate research work, lecture notes and handouts in science and environmental education research.

This book is an explorative study on science education research in the following topical research issues; guidelines for presentation and preparation of research work, research methodology, literature review structuring, types of educational research, guide to research proposal and method of presenting research findings.  Analysis of data, types of research designs, scales of measurement in science education, questionnaire construction, research questions and hypothesis were also discussed. Other areas include; descriptive and inferential statistics, parametric and non parametric statistical techniques. The book also focuses on hypothesis/hypotheses testing and the role of objectives and achievement test in educational research. Validity and reliability of tests, classification of educational data (ordinal, interval, ratio, discrete and continuous data), drawing inference from research data and analysis of variance are other areas of focus in the book. The book covers a wide area of course content of educational research in tertiary and university education. The book therefore provides a foundation for educational research in general and science education in particular. Readers will find it a valuable companion for daily research experience. It is therefore strongly recommended for all research students and researchers in tertiary institutions and universities, government agencies responsible for research and statistics, measurement and evaluation. The contributions of voluntary agencies toward educational growth in Nigeria are quite enormous and require urgent government attention in the areas of provision of basic infrastructures, utilities and funding toward a rapid transformation of the Nation's economy. The book therefore is an overview of the contributions of some voluntary agencies toward education growth in Nigeria and in Diaspora. Hence, the book covers the following content areas; the role of voluntary agency schools, pragmatic value of education, should government return schools? The American example, colonial example and the Nigeria example, Methodism and educational development, the Methodist educational policy, philosophy of Nigerian education (pre-primary and primary education, secondary education, higher education, technical education, adult and non formal education, special education, teacher education), educational commission code and ordinances (Phelps  Stokes commission, parliamentary white paper, and the Ashby and Eliot commissions).    Other areas of coverage by this book include: development of western education in Nigeria, educational disparity in Nigeria and causes, funding strategy of education in Nigeria, the causes of quota system and catchment areas, the rise of tertiary and university education in Nigeria, Scotland and England example, and constitutional issues, the role of western education, its successes and failures, some educational edits and reforms and the role of trade unionism toward educational development in Nigeria.

Consequently, the book serves as a useful tool in education industry given its wide scope and content in education history (western and national educational perspectives). It is therefore relevant to all agencies responsible for education, students of secondary, tertiary and university education and agencies responsible for educational policy formulation, educational research and national policy on pre-primary, primary, secondary, tertiary and university education.    

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