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Inuwa Dikko’s writing career spans a period of nearly four decades starting from 1965 with 17 books, 9 journal articles, and 26 conference papers. The areas covered include Hausa language and literature, Library Science (his main calling, retiring as Ahmadu Bello University Librarian), Islam and translations in English and Hausa. He has also been involved in radio and television broadcasting, producing 14 radio and 12 television programmes, including Hausa By TV aimed at teaching the language to non-Hausa speakers. He was also the Presenter, You and the Constitution, a discussion of the Nigerian Constitution. NTV, Kaduna, 1979-83 and its Hausa version, Tsarin Mulkinmu.     

Apart from teaching the Hausa language on radio and television, he held classroom sessions for various levels of learners. There was a stint at the American Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, November 2001-September 2006 teaching Hausa language and culture. He gave the staff here talks on Islam and wrote newsletter dealing with Hausa – language, culture and religion, producing 30 of these under the title Hausa Kamar Jakin Kano.

His major work in Islam has been Tarjamar Ma'anonin Alƙur'ani Mai Girma. Translation of the Holy Qur'an into Hausa by Abubakar Mahmud Gumi. Full edition 1418 pages. Partial edition (Chapters 67-114) 133 pages. For two years he worked on the editing, compilation of the subject index and glossaries for these translations and personally supervised their production at the printers overseas. The full edition contains a 43-page subject index, the first of its kind in any Hausa work. The latest edition, 1992, is under the imprint of the King Fahd Printing Press, Madina, Saudia. He worked on the next edition, word processing Chapters 67 – 114. This has been published by Nurul Islam Publishing House, Zaria (2010). Currently working on the full Qur’an in the same style.

Our author had a go at being playwright when he took the novel Ruwan Bagaja by Abubakar Imam and turned it into Hausa drama of the same name (2006) and rendered it into English as Water of Cure (2006), both of them published by Northern Nigeria Publishing Company, Zaria. In March, 2011 this English version was staged by the Drama Department, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

   His Hausa By TV programme gave birth to Hausa By TV Study Material (1982) to go with the broadcast, which later became an independent enhanced text called Key to Basics of Hausa Language (2006). Still on the language platform, he, in association with Usman Macciɗo, came up with Ƙamus Na Adon Maganar Hausa (1991) a Hausa-Hausa dictionary of Hausa idioms.

In the area of translation he has published a Hausa rendition of Gulliver’s Travels to Lilliput as a Longman Nigeria publication with the title Tafiyar Goga Tsibirin Lillifa (1983). Then there was the novel called Amina by Mohammed Umar (2005). This was first published in English in New Jersey and has since then been translated into 20 languages – Greek, Serbian, Arabic, Chinese, etc... This was translated into Hausa and camera-ready copy produced for Ahmadu Bello University Press, Zaria (2009).

The author is our resident Editorial Consultant.

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